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TWENTY level 9/10s Qualified to 2019 Junior Olympic Nationals!!


THE MOST QUALIFIED IN REGION 5!! (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio)

2️⃣0️⃣ TWENTY level 9 & 10s Qualified to the Junior Olympic Nationals!! 🎉🔥

GO LEGACY ELITE!! So proud of each and every one of the girls on our level 10 Team!! Thank you to all the parents who trust us coaches through both the celebrations & adversities this sport challenges us with!!

💙💜🎉 ・・・ 🔥Congrats to Legacy Elite’s RECORD of 1️⃣3️⃣ THIRTEEN Level 10 National Qualifiers!! 🔥Faith, Brooke, Erika, Madison, Andi, Ella, Ellie, Sammy, Alyssa, Taylor, Amy, Sydney, & Riley! •3️⃣ THREE All Around Champions! •1️⃣3️⃣ THIRTEEN Event Champions! •2️⃣9️⃣ Twenty Nine TOP 3 Medalists! 🔥🔥🔥 •Faith Torrez- 🏆🥇First All Around 38.675,🥇Vault, 🥈Bars, 🥇Floor, •Ellie Lazzari- 🏆🥇First All Around 38.875, 🥇Vault, 🥇Beam, 🥈Floor •Sam Macasu- 🏆🥇First All Around 38.1, 🥈beam, 🥉Bars •Brooke Conley- 🥇 Vault, 🥈 All Around •Erika Penamante- 🥇 Bars, 🥇Beam, 🥉 All Around •Riley Milbrandt- 🥈 Bars •Madison Snook- 🥉 Bars •Andrea Li- 🥇Bars, 🥉Beam, 🥉Vault,🥈All Around •Ella Cesario- 🥇Bars, 🥇Floor, 🥈Vault •Layla Hammer- 🥇Floor •Sydney Jelen- 🥇Beam, 🥉All Around •Amy Wozniak- 🥇Bars 💜💙🎉

SEVEN level 9s Make it to Junior Olympic Eastern Nationals!

🔥Congrats to Legacy Elite’s 7️⃣ SEVEN Level 9 Eastern National Qualifiers!!

🔥Allie, Megan, Abby, Railey, Clancy, Maleah, Maya

2️⃣ TWO All Around Champions!

2️⃣ 2nd All Around!

5️⃣ FIVE Event Champions!

1️⃣6️⃣ SIXTEEN Top 3 medalist!

•Maleah Crowley- 🏆🥇All Around, 🥈Vault, 🥈Bars

•Railey Jackson- 🏆🥇All Around, 🥇Beam, 🥇Floor,🥈Bars,🥉Vault

•Clancy Conley- 🥈All Around,🥇Vault, 🥇Bars, 🥈Beam

•Abby Alvarado- 🥈All Around, 🥈Bars

•Maya Sagen- 🥇Beam

•Megan Scott- 🥈Bars


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