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Gymnastics requires physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination balance and grace. As such, it is the foundation for all other sports. Our programs are designed to teach students in a safe, fun and encouraging environment. Students will be taught basic skills in a progressive manner while developing their general fitness and overall athletic ability. We strive to lay a foundation in gymnastics that will last a lifetime.

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Baby Dragons: Walking - 3 Years (Parent Participation)

This is a Parent Participation class. At least one adult must attend. We emphasize fun and high-fives. Parents will be involved as an aid to the children as they develop the basics of rolling, jumping and climbing independently. In addition, the children are learning to watch, listen and follow basic directions.

Preschool Classes - Boys & Girls

Our Preschool program is a co-ed program that follows a curriculum designed to help your young child strengthen vital developmental skills. It is a structured class which helps your child learn basic skills on all the apparatus in the gym - vault, rings, bars, beam, parallel bars, floor and trampoline. We also incorporate motor development stations into the class such as obstacle courses, bounce houses, and pit play, to help our young champions practice their fine and gross motor skills through these fun activities.

Dragon Tots

(3-4 yr old. 1hr-1x/wk)

Mini Dragons

(4-5 yr old. 1hr-1x/wk)

Kinder Dragons

(5-6 yr old. 1hr-1x/wk)

Recreation Gymnastics - 6+ years old (Boys & Girls)

Once in the first grade your child will be placed into our recreational gymnastics program. This program teaches the skills needed to excel in our sport. Within this program, your child will touch base on all equipment, such as vault, bars, beam, floor, trampoline, tumble track, rings, and or parallel bars, to keep your child interested & excited about our sport. Every child we teach will have the opportunity to learn quality gymnastics in a safe and fun environment. From the beginner 1 class, to the advanced class, your child will always be challenged to learn the next fun skill on each apparatus. Legacy Elite believes that our fun and rewarding gymnastics experience in our program will boost your child's confidence in any type of athletics your child may be involved in. 

Recreational Girls

Girls Beginner 1 (1hr-1x/wk)

Girls Beginner 2 (1hr-1x/wk) 

Girls Intermediate (1 hr-2x/wk) 

Girls Advanced (2hr-1x/wk) 

Recreational Boys

Boys Beginner (1hr-1x/wk)

Boys Intermediate (1hr-1x/wk)

Boys Advanced (1hr-1x/wk)


Beginner Tumbling (1hr-1x/wk)

Intermediate Tumbling (1hr-1x/wk)

Advanced Tumbling (1hr-1x/wk)

ADULT Gymnastics, Ninja Warrior Course, & Parkour

Structured gymnastics class for all adults! Perfect for those who want to learn how to flip, ex gymnasts, parkour, stunt workers, or just for fitness and fun! Our newly built Ninja Warrior course is something you and your friends have to try! Or check out our Parkour classes and learn cool  tricks ad jump from one mat to the next mat!

NINJA Warrior Course Class: Boys & Girls 4+ years old

Learn how to jump, climb, hang, swing, flip like the ones you see on TV!

Brand new built course and kids slack line!

obstacles include:

Salmon Ladder, Lache Bars, Ring Obstacle, Peg Boards, Cliff hangers, Climbing Stair Steps, Trapeze Bar, Net, Swing, and more!


Parkour Class: Boys & Girls 4+ years old

See those people who do cool flips outside and running and jumping from one obstacle to the next? Learn how to safely jump and fly from one mat to the next mat inside our beautiful and safe facility! Learn cool tricks and flips too!

Special Needs Classes Ages 5-12 and 13-17

Special Needs class is great for working on motor skill development and offers fun physical activities!

Girls Invite Only: Pre- Competitive team Developmental Gymnastics

We have a team developmental program for athletes as young as 4 who show a desire and talent for the sport. These girls train in our pre-Competitive team programs to prepare for future team placement. Participation in Mighty Dragons, Preteam, and PreXcel is by invitation or evaluation only. They are then required to attend our annual Team Try Out to determine their competitive team level. 


Mighty Dragons 

Ages 4-6

(1 hr-2x/wk)


Ages 6-8



Ages 8+

(2hr- 1x/wk)


Girls Competitive Team! 

Our girls competitive program is one of the most successful teams in the Nation! Legacy Elite is not only known Nationally, but also Internationally! Legacy Elite is the #1 highest scoring level 10 team in the Nation for both 2018 and 2019!

Legacy Elite has been the level 10 Illinois State Champion team for the past TWELVE years!!

We have MANY State, Regional, and National Champions from all levels of xcel, & levels 2 through level 10! 

Legacy Elite also has trains and competes in the Hopes (pre-Elite) program.

We also produce the Elite (Olympic) level where we have had 7 Team USA International Elites.

Xcel competitive team

Levels Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond

USA Gymnastics competitive team levels 2-10

Competitive HOPES & ELITE level

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